Auto Fraud and Financing

If you want a loan, go to a bank.  Financing a car with a car dealer is never a good idea. Take a look at any dealer prepared contract. On the front of the contract it says you are financed but on the back it says you are not.  You'll spend hours at the dealership finalizing your purchase only to be called a few weeks later and told you have to sign a new contract or return the car.  Best of all they will try to keep your downpayment if you don't sign a new contract.
Car dealers play this game because they want you to believe you bought a car. We stop shopping when we buy something. Car dealers know that if they let you leave the dealership without thinking you bought a car you will go down the street to the next dealer.  So they tell you your financed, give you a contract and take you out of the market.
The Colorado Consumer Protection Act outlaws car dealers lying about financing, keeping your down payment or selling your trade in prior to financing being approved.